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The Rhino and Her Oxpecker: Friend or Foe?
1000 511 Roddy Carter

She stood in the shade of a giant umbrella thorn tree (Acacia tortillis), sheltering from the sweltering African sun. Well known as an insistent, somewhat grumpy leader, few would challenge her for this prime spot. Careful observers knew that her somnolent appearance belied her deep reflective nature, and her inclination for decisive action. Today she contemplated an ancient business relationship; a symbiosis with a smaller entity that proved recurrently irksome. read more

A Powerful Leadership Lesson from the Crocodile Bird
1024 682 Roddy Carter

Natural history journals and biology books carry the beautiful story of the little bird that bravely enters the mouth of a live crocodile to clean its teeth. The bird gets a meal, and in return the croc gets its dental hygiene. You will be surprised by how important this lesson is for the student of leadership. read more