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Giraffe: Taking Problem Solving to New Heights
1024 682 Roddy Carter

A modern legend suggests that the giraffe is Africa’s most curious animal. The story goes that if you lie down in the dirt within eyesight of a herd of giraffe, they will approach you tentatively until they stand over you, peering down through elegant eyelashes to see what you’re doing. While the story is certainly more myth than truth, curiosity has always accompanied this extraordinary beast. read more

4 Natural Success Traits for Your Organization
990 568 Roddy Carter

Sometimes I sit and dream about being CEO of the most successful company in the world. I’m sure we all do. Then we return our efforts to making our own organization world-class. So, to start the New Year, I decided to explore one of the most successful organizations on the planet to find a few simple pointers for 2015 success. You might be surprised. read more

Lessons in Success from Nature’s Villains and Heroes?
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Why do we view some animals as heroes and others as villains? The lioness will always be painted as the queen of the jungle, while the hyena is hated. In nature, each has their place, each performs a role; no judgment. Would we be better served in our professional (and personal) lives if we too saw others without judgment? read more