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Eagle: Efficient Strategy and Big Hits
1024 678 Roddy Carter

Do you work with somebody that alternates between long periods of watching and quick bursts of activity? Do team members complain about their “laziness”? Yet, they always get the big stuff done. How do you best apply this personality on your team and in your organization? read more

Smooth Merger: Learn from Organ Transplants?
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She was in perfect health. I saw her the week before Thanksgiving every year for her annual medical. Despite her good health, she looked tired. I asked her what was on her mind. “I’ve been a CEO for seven years now,” she said. “It’s been fantastic. We’ve grown beyond expectation. I’m excited about the future because we have decided to acquire another company. I’m losing sleep over the merger. It’s a big deal, and it must work out right!” read more