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Starfish: Sentinel for Organizational Health?
1024 768 Roddy Carter

Do you remember the picture in your first grade reader of a beach with golden sand, blue waves, a yellow sun, a striped deck chair and umbrella, a bucket and spade, and the ubiquitous starfish? Despite their robust appearance lying on the sand in the baking sun in your childhood book, these are sensitive creatures, barometers of ecological health. Should our business books also have a picture of a starfish on the front cover? read more

Corporate Health: Who Cares for Ailing Organizations?
1024 427 Roddy Carter

For the first half of my professional career I was a physician caring for sick people. For the second half I worked for large corporations. From the inside, I realized that these organizations are built just like our own bodies. They have similar anatomy and physiology to humans. It seemed logical then to wake in the middle of the night worrying about who cares for sick organizations. read more