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Corporate Extinction: Good Force, or Bad Management?
1024 679 Roddy Carter

“Mayday, Mayday”, the intercom blared in the Corporate Crisis Center (CCC). Another major global institution shuddered like an ancient dinosaur. The calm voice of the controller broke through the turmoil. “MacDonald’s is on the watch-list; status endangered; begin advanced life support, but do not resuscitate. If it’s their time, it’s their time.” read more

Lessons in Success from Nature’s Villains and Heroes?
800 448 Roddy Carter

Why do we view some animals as heroes and others as villains? The lioness will always be painted as the queen of the jungle, while the hyena is hated. In nature, each has their place, each performs a role; no judgment. Would we be better served in our professional (and personal) lives if we too saw others without judgment? read more

7 Quick Leadership Lessons from Africa’s Big 5
1024 682 Roddy Carter

Serious leaders study the biographies and autobiographies of famous people. Each icon stands out in our minds for a few differentiating characteristics. We admire and respect their leadership principles and behaviors, aspiring to implement them in our own lives. Growing up in Africa afforded me a deep appreciation for Nature. Like humans, there are standout leaders in the wild. Africa’s celebrity leaders are known as “The Big 5”. What would their biographies teach us?

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Business and Nature Meet on the Beach
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The two stopped right in front of me. They had walked from opposite sides of the beach as I sat watching the sunset. The old man had walked from the north. I had seen his frail form as it came out from the shadows under the pier. read more

Marine Markets: Are You in the Long Tail?
1024 484 Roddy Carter

I was paddling out to sea when he rushed past me. He was flustered, even panicked. He muttered and mumbled – something about being late again. His black suit, standard business attire, pressed flat against his speeding shoulders. He looked at me and I greeted him politely. He hesitated for a moment then shrieked hysterically over his shoulder as he sped off: “I can’t stop. I’ll come back to talk. Later …. maybe later….”. Then he was gone. read more