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Animal Migration: Natural Forces that Shape your Journey
1024 682 Roddy Carter

Are you lost on your career journey? Or perhaps know your direction but lack enthusiasm? Are you struggling to figure out your objectives for the remainder of the year? Have you started a new company and forgotten your mission during the crazy, chaotic early days? Perhaps Nature can help us with these very human dilemmas? read more

Business Advice from the Gray Whale
1024 682 Roddy Carter

I was gifted with Gray Whale sightings on 3 consecutive days last week. On the third day, a huge adult surfaced within a few feet of my kayak. The giant cetacean was swimming directly towards me, just below the surface of the ocean. Honestly, I was preparing for a collision. It looked like the sleepy whale hadn’t seen me. It veered away at the last second, coming within arm’s reach as it surfaced, raised its tail in salute and dived deep below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. When my heart stopped racing I was left marveling at this beautiful species, and wondering what we humans could learn from them. read more