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Sibling Rivalry and Workplace Competitiveness
1024 682 Roddy Carter

The three CEO candidates eyed each other across the boardroom table. Each a high-powered executive in their own right, they provided the collective leadership for this Fortune 100 company. One led the US subsidiary, the largest and most profitable operating unit. One headed up the massive manufacturing division, ensuring production and distribution of premier products at premier prices. The third, the corporate CEO, was charged with overall financial accountability for the global enterprise as well as the delicate relationship with Wall Street. Each harbored a competitive streak that evoked primal antagonism towards the others as they embarked on the race for the corner seat currently occupied by an aging CEO. read more

Lessons in Success from Nature’s Villains and Heroes?
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Why do we view some animals as heroes and others as villains? The lioness will always be painted as the queen of the jungle, while the hyena is hated. In nature, each has their place, each performs a role; no judgment. Would we be better served in our professional (and personal) lives if we too saw others without judgment? read more