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7 Principles of Knowledge Management: Elephant-Style
1024 682 Roddy Carter

“Elephants never forget”. Hearing this at dinner last week, I was transported back to the peak of the Knowledge Management vogue. I remember when Fortune 500 companies were hiring smart executives to manage their organizational knowledge. I wondered if anybody had studied elephant memory to derive principles for human organizational knowledge management? read more

Innovation Guidance from Mother Nature
1024 683 Roddy Carter

Google the words “innovation” and “crisis” and you will find thousands of articles that offer explanations and solutions. Opinion leaders provide insight into innovation crises that span the globe, that threaten national economies or blue chip corporations. You will read about crises in business, medicine, education and almost any field you choose to research. If innovation is so important, then why are we doing so poorly? read more

A Powerful Leadership Lesson from the Crocodile Bird
1024 682 Roddy Carter

Natural history journals and biology books carry the beautiful story of the little bird that bravely enters the mouth of a live crocodile to clean its teeth. The bird gets a meal, and in return the croc gets its dental hygiene. You will be surprised by how important this lesson is for the student of leadership. read more

Constipation Rules: An Innovative Solution?
1024 768 Roddy Carter

Have you ever been in the restroom when somebody is speaking on his or her cellphone? It can be downright embarrassing. I’m probably breaching some corporate etiquette in sharing this story. “What happens behind the white door should stay behind the white door.” If you have a delicate constitution, do not read on …. read more

Red Flags: Do You Read and Heed Them?
720 462 Roddy Carter

Life has taught me that the big fights start with the second punch. Of course, I’m not talking about physical fights. Most of us avoid these! But it has been my observation that the second speaker in any inflammatory exchange determines if the dispute erupts into a nasty argument or slides away unremembered. Nature provides excellent guidance, helping us to become better leaders! read more

Leadership Lessons from the Biggest Brains on Earth
878 567 Roddy Carter

Intelligence is viewed as a prized leadership asset. It seemed logical then to find the largest brain on earth to teach me more about leadership. read more

Human Nature: Oxymoron, or Leverageable Insight?
720 540 Roddy Carter

Leaders around the world start their annual journey this week towards corporate missions, goals and objectives. They are surrounded by their greatest assets, their people. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. For many, the greatest challenge remains motivating and aligning their human capital behind common goals. I would like to share with you the secret to getting this right; the magic bullet. read more

A Navy Seal’s Lesson in Performance (and Rest)
1024 605 Roddy Carter

I was honored to watch a retired US Navy Seal at work with a young trainee. The senior officer was taking the aspirant seal through a legendary military institution – the obstacle course, or “O-Course”. The experience was inspiring in many ways. This master soldier taught me a lesson that is highly relevant for all organizational leaders. read more

Can Rapid Organizational Decision-Making be Schooled?
1024 458 Roddy Carter

My son and I kayaked over a huge, swirling school of Grunion (Leuresthes tenius). These small silver fish with bluish green flashes on their backs spend their days swarming around in large groups. From afar they look like a single ball of life that rolls around below the surface of the sea. “They’re amazing, Dad. See how they all move together. It’s like they share a single brain!” This started me thinking!

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7 Quick Leadership Lessons from Africa’s Big 5
1024 682 Roddy Carter

Serious leaders study the biographies and autobiographies of famous people. Each icon stands out in our minds for a few differentiating characteristics. We admire and respect their leadership principles and behaviors, aspiring to implement them in our own lives. Growing up in Africa afforded me a deep appreciation for Nature. Like humans, there are standout leaders in the wild. Africa’s celebrity leaders are known as “The Big 5”. What would their biographies teach us?

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