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7 Principles of Knowledge Management: Elephant-Style
1024 682 Roddy Carter

“Elephants never forget”. Hearing this at dinner last week, I was transported back to the peak of the Knowledge Management vogue. I remember when Fortune 500 companies were hiring smart executives to manage their organizational knowledge. I wondered if anybody had studied elephant memory to derive principles for human organizational knowledge management? read more

Red Flags: Do You Read and Heed Them?
720 462 Roddy Carter

Life has taught me that the big fights start with the second punch. Of course, I’m not talking about physical fights. Most of us avoid these! But it has been my observation that the second speaker in any inflammatory exchange determines if the dispute erupts into a nasty argument or slides away unremembered. Nature provides excellent guidance, helping us to become better leaders! read more

Hewlett-Packard and the Death of the Elephant
720 359 Roddy Carter

In October, 2014, Hewlett-Packard announced plans to separate into two new publicly traded Fortune 50 companies. Described as “the biggest separation that has even been done”, the announcement made me think about two cellular processes that define life itself – conception and cell division. read more

Execuspeak: Why do Animals Thrive in Big Business?
259 194 Roddy Carter

I wrote last week about IBM and their wanting the elephant to dance (ref Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance by Lou Gerstner). This triggered a week of heightened alertness to business and organizational psychology books with animals as their theme. read more

The IBM Elephant: Circus Clown, or Triumphant Survivor?
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The other day, I was browsing through a recent copy of Fortune Magazine dedicated to the world’s most powerful women. Where better to learn about drivers of success than stories about the most elite business people on the planet? The fascinating article on Ginny Rometty, IBM’s current Chairperson and CEO captured my attention. read more