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Red Flags: Do You Read and Heed Them?
720 462 Roddy Carter

Life has taught me that the big fights start with the second punch. Of course, I’m not talking about physical fights. Most of us avoid these! But it has been my observation that the second speaker in any inflammatory exchange determines if the dispute erupts into a nasty argument or slides away unremembered. Nature provides excellent guidance, helping us to become better leaders! read more

Bulls, Bears and Peacock Feathers
1024 411 Roddy Carter

I sat at my office desk listening to the quarterly investor call of a prominent Fortune 500 company. The CEO handed off to the CFO to describe their financial results. I leant back in my chair and gazed out the window. A peacock walked around the hedge and onto the grass. It stopped and pecked at a fleeing insect before noticing the peahen. The presence of a potential mate transformed the bird. read more