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Beluga Whale: Sensory Survivor?
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I was privileged to meet with a pod of Beluga Whales last week, up-close and personal. That’s just the way this social species likes it. It got me thinking about their highly evolved communication system, and as always, I wondered if there is something we humans can learn from them. read more

4 Natural Success Traits for Your Organization
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Sometimes I sit and dream about being CEO of the most successful company in the world. I’m sure we all do. Then we return our efforts to making our own organization world-class. So, to start the New Year, I decided to explore one of the most successful organizations on the planet to find a few simple pointers for 2015 success. You might be surprised. read more

Can Rapid Organizational Decision-Making be Schooled?
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My son and I kayaked over a huge, swirling school of Grunion (Leuresthes tenius). These small silver fish with bluish green flashes on their backs spend their days swarming around in large groups. From afar they look like a single ball of life that rolls around below the surface of the sea. “They’re amazing, Dad. See how they all move together. It’s like they share a single brain!” This started me thinking!

read more

Tips from Nature: Modest Mantra for Great Salespeople!
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We came across each other quite suddenly. We were both floating on the flat water between swells on the Pacific Ocean. She was startled, but held my gaze. After a few minutes, she blinked as if to hide her delicate eyes from me. read more