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4 Natural Success Traits for Your Organization
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Sometimes I sit and dream about being CEO of the most successful company in the world. I’m sure we all do. Then we return our efforts to making our own organization world-class. So, to start the New Year, I decided to explore one of the most successful organizations on the planet to find a few simple pointers for 2015 success. You might be surprised. read more

Human Nature: Oxymoron, or Leverageable Insight?
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Leaders around the world start their annual journey this week towards corporate missions, goals and objectives. They are surrounded by their greatest assets, their people. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. For many, the greatest challenge remains motivating and aligning their human capital behind common goals. I would like to share with you the secret to getting this right; the magic bullet. read more

Can Rapid Organizational Decision-Making be Schooled?
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My son and I kayaked over a huge, swirling school of Grunion (Leuresthes tenius). These small silver fish with bluish green flashes on their backs spend their days swarming around in large groups. From afar they look like a single ball of life that rolls around below the surface of the sea. “They’re amazing, Dad. See how they all move together. It’s like they share a single brain!” This started me thinking!

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