Roddy Carter, MD is an expert in peak performance. He brings his knowledge and insight from a distinguished career as a physician and scientist to help others achieve health, happiness, and prosperity.

As a young physician, I spent my days and nights working with sick people; treating illness, fighting disease, looking for cures. I then specialized in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. I devoted my efforts to elite athletes; helping them to optimize their biology to peak performance and to stay healthy. Through this work and the University of Life I have developed a deep appreciation for the profound links between body, mind and emotion.

I have also journeyed the corridors of academic life, corporate life, higher education, sports federations and the military. Throughout I have been fascinated by the health of the organization, and the health of the individuals in the organization. Of course, by “health” here I mean efficiency and effectiveness for the organizations, and you can include happiness to this list for the individual employee or team member.