Bio-Similars Program

Helping your organization thrive

Organizations, and the teams that comprise them have to navigate ebbs and flows in stress. When teams thrive through the stressful periods, they significantly enhance the likelihood of organizational success. Sometimes the stress is driven by internal factors; more often it is the consequence of environmental pressure. Some argue that the frequency of these stressful peaks is increasing as the pace of life quickens. Some stressors bring defining moments to organizations, forcing a bifurcation in their strategic timeline that leads to either triumph or disaster.

The good thing is that teams seldom encounter a unique, novel pressure. Somebody somewhere has experienced or is experiencing the same pressure. It may surprise you that nature is doing this all the time. In an ocean near you, or distant tundra, or a tropical jungle there is a species that has successfully navigated the same challenge that you’re facing. There is an ecosystem facing the same stress that your organization or team is wrestling with today. In nature, these events are known as selective pressures, and depending on the response of each species, there are winners and losers. We will help you and your team to learn from these natural examples.

We follow a carefully structured methodology to ensure your success:

  • First, we listen intently to your description of your circumstances, your challenges, your goals and aspirations. We interview the project lead, key team members and stakeholders so we have a comprehensive view of your context and opportunity.
  • Next, we work with leading natural scientists to find a species or ecosystem that closely matches your situation. 
  • Then, we work closely with you and the scientific expert as we identify the key insights specific to the species or ecosystem that match your strategic intentions. For example, we might dig into the complex communication system used by a nomadic carnivore species to exemplify best practices for a dispersed national sales team. Or, we would explore the adaptive traits that have ensured success in a marine mammal species that has endured a sustained decline in food in order to highlight the path forward for your business as it faces a dwindling market. We might highlight the diligence of a terrestrial insect colony or the resilience of a desert crustacean to provide your R&D group both the focus and tools to restock your product pipeline. We might use powerful natural examples of affirmative leadership to inspire your leaders towards superior people management. 
  • Finally, we implement. With you as the clearly visible lead, we integrate the scientific model into your team or business. The species or ecosystem becomes a parallel and safe mirror for self-scrutiny, an elegant and engaging educational vehicle, and a highly tangible icon around which you will rally your team. 

I implemented the first BioSimilars Program almost 20 years ago. I still receive feedback from members of the team reminding me of their learning and fun, and more importantly the success they achieved. What surprised and delighted me was the reciprocal learning. The scientist, a world leading carnivore expert, was astounded by the close parallels between the social structure and behavioral traits of his species and the current business context; making his research so much more relevant and valuable. Both parties won big!

Anybody who has a team and a mission; whether you’re in business, education, healthcare, professional sports, entertainment, civil service, research, law enforcement, or the military. If you’re navigating change, wanting to encourage innovation, in search of rejuvenation, or simply striving to be the best, there’s a lesson in nature waiting for you.

We will work directly with you to build what you need. We can customize the program to match your ambition and budget. At the one end of the continuum, we can simply bring you a relevant species or ecosystem with a few limited suggestions on how you can best exploit the natural parallel. At the other extreme, we will arrange for your team to travel to a distant location and immerse you in the world of your chosen species or ecosystem while you conduct your annual off-site strategy session.