Fleas and Bosses: Do You See the Link?

When I was growing up I thought it would be fantastic to be a CEO; the big chief, the Boss. And it’s a pretty cool job, to be sure. But the part that I thought would be cool just isn’t there. I thought you’d be free to make your own decisions, make your own mistakes,…

Avian Wisdom, Niche Markets: Are You an Expert?

As I had hoped, she was there on the third morning too. We’d first met on a cold, misty morning. The sun was beginning to break through, and the early rays had flashed off her white breast. She’d turned quickly, showing me the silhouette of her dark shoulders.

Execuspeak: Why do Animals Thrive in Big Business?

I wrote last week about IBM and their wanting the elephant to dance (ref Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance by Lou Gerstner). This triggered a week of heightened alertness to business and organizational psychology books with animals as their theme.

The IBM Elephant: Circus Clown, or Triumphant Survivor?

The other day, I was browsing through a recent copy of Fortune Magazine dedicated to the world’s most powerful women. Where better to learn about drivers of success than stories about the most elite business people on the planet? The fascinating article on Ginny Rometty, IBM’s current Chairperson and CEO captured my attention.

“The Origin of Species”: is Darwin relevant in Business?

Through my life I’ve shared a fascination for nature and for human organizational behavior. Only after studying both for several years did I realize the remarkable parallels between them. I would contend that the similarities are not coincidental. I believe that both are shaped and formed by the same internal drives and environmental pressures.