Chameleon: Reptilian Tutor or Shallow Phony?

I have found many animals that inspire better leadership in us all. Sometimes I choose a species simply because it intrigues me. Since I saw my first wild chameleon as a child in Africa, I have been fascinated by the circus-like adaptive traits of this deliberate, kaleidoscopic, googly-eyed, mini-dinosaur.

Animal Migration: Natural Forces that Shape your Journey

Are you lost on your career journey? Or perhaps know your direction but lack enthusiasm? Are you struggling to figure out your objectives for the remainder of the year? Have you started a new company and forgotten your mission during the crazy, chaotic early days? Perhaps Nature can help us with these very human dilemmas?

Innovation Guidance from Mother Nature

Google the words “innovation” and “crisis” and you will find thousands of articles that offer explanations and solutions. Opinion leaders provide insight into innovation crises that span the globe, that threaten national economies or blue chip corporations. You will read about crises in business, medicine, education and almost any field you choose to research. If…

Business Advice from the Gray Whale

I was gifted with Gray Whale sightings on 3 consecutive days last week. On the third day, a huge adult surfaced within a few feet of my kayak. The giant cetacean was swimming directly towards me, just below the surface of the ocean. Honestly, I was preparing for a collision. It looked like the sleepy…

Outsourcing Asymmetry or Parasitism?

My interest in the outsourcing vogue prompted me to explore nature for examples of similar behavior amongst natural species. The journey quickly led me to a family of birds that outsource entirely their child-raising responsibilities. Cuckoo birds in Europe, Africa and Asia trick other species into hatching their eggs and raising their young.

A Powerful Leadership Lesson from the Crocodile Bird

Natural history journals and biology books carry the beautiful story of the little bird that bravely enters the mouth of a live crocodile to clean its teeth. The bird gets a meal, and in return the croc gets its dental hygiene. You will be surprised by how important this lesson is for the student of…

Outsourcing in Medicine; Lessons from Dialysis

I had dinner with Brian last week. He was quick to order a drink and looked stressed. He told me that he had been asked to outsource all legal services for his company. I understood the importance of this venture and wondered if Mother Nature had some guiding principals to help us?

Is Nature Handicapped by Stupid Rules?

Few things rob me of motivation more than running up against stupid rules. If you walk the corridors of human organizational life, and listen carefully, you will hear both the complaints and consequences of needless bureaucracy. It made me wonder if Nature imposes these frustrations on its membership?

Dominating Leaders and Fowl Conduct

Most of us have experienced a corporate bully. The sad guy or gal stomps churlishly around the office, domineering, intimidating, ostracizing, and competing at all costs. Did you ever wonder what they gain from it? Certainly not friends!

The Honeyguide, Honey Badger and Human Interdependence

There is a beautiful story that emanates deep in Africa, before the written word captured history. The hero of the story is a little bird called the Honey Guide. Or was it the Honey Badger? I’ll let you decide. Either way, their message is clear to all who live with interdependent relationships at work, or…